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I am such a romantic at heart. Combine that with 15 years of dance,
and I feel as though it all leads me to find the grace in a movement.
A beautiful song or a sunny day can send a pas de deux to my toes.
It just naturally follows that I absolutely love shooting fashion;
beautiful people, doing beautiful things, wearing beautiful clothes, in beautiful locations,
I get lost in it all.

There is however another side, a side that can lift me up off of my seat, cheering, hugging strangers, high fiving, and oh yes, I will shout at the officials and the coaches if need be! I am obsessed with sports.

There, I said it!

I am one of five children, and was the first girl after two boys.
My dad didn’t see any reason to treat me differently than my brothers,
and I was just happy to hang out with him,
so off to the baseball/hockey/football games we went!

I do manage to keep myself together on set when I shoot sports stars,
but there are moments before and after the shoot,
where I fall to my knees, and squeal in private.

Gotta go, the game’s on!!