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I have two recent obsessions.
Could it be a case of OCD?
Perhaps it’s hyperfocus due to a virulent form of ADD?
I just don’t know.
What I do know is that one obsession is feeding the other!

It started with Flicker, an online site consisting mostly of photographers,
the majority of whom openly share their work with the community.
My next post will be more about this amazing group.

This post is about the wonderful things that have I seen on Flicker that
have inspired me to dig much deeper into the endless well of Photoshop.
Hundreds of tutorials, all in a quest to figure out,
“How did they do that?”
There are many different ways to create identical effects in Photoshop,
All that is EXCEPT for beautiful magazine skin.

In the spirit of sharing, which I will also talk more about in my next blog,
here is a link to the absolute best tutorial that I have found on beauty retouching.
(P.S., and by the way, I skip the paint smoothing and dodging layers,
I find that they they are unnecessary in my photos.)

I have been playing with textures and overlays &
below are some of the fruits of my happy labors!